Professionalism and Personalization

As the commercial real estate market tightens policy and capital, the ability to find additional funding sources – and those that can be customized – is becoming a necessary requirement for investors. We understand how cumbersome and complicated it can be to find the right financing for your multifamily portfolio, and it’s our mission to streamline the process and get you into the loan that best serves your unique needs. Offers:

  • Industry expertise.
    In-depth knowledge and support gained from decades working in the commercial lending industry.
  • More lending options.
    Access to financing products that may not be available via traditional financing paths.
  • Immediate comparison.
    “Light Sizing” analysis performed in system allows for more accurate loan product comparisons and fewer surprises when you apply.
  • A closed-loop process.
    The data you provide in our investor application stays within our platform. We will never try to solicit additional business from property owners or investors, and we’ll never sell your data to outside parties.
  • Privacy until acceptance.
    Our system automatically hides owner details until the property profile is accepted and loan offers are extended.

Our Values

Our Values

Empowering investors is the nation’s leading online multifamily lending marketplace, empowering investors as they comparison-shop across a full suite of multifamily loan types.

Our industry-leading online marketplace connects investors with multiple financing options for industry-specific programs from the lenders actively vying for their business.

Leveraging Expertise has closed billions in financing (leveraging the power of LendingStandard) for market-rate and affordable properties.

We offer expertise and service to developers, investors, bankers and brokers to quickly discover the best option for providing debt, equity and tax credits for their real estate needs.

Equipping users with the best tools, powered by LendingStandard, streamlines the loan process, arming you with instant sizing options and side-by-side loan comparisons.

Easily select the loan choice that works best for you, and submit for review and processing.

From initial application to deal close, leverage the combined power of and LendingStandard for a smooth, secure and seamless process for your commercial lending needs.

Meet the Team

Andy Kallenbach, Chief Executive Officer

As CEO for, Andy has more than 20 years of software product experience in commercial finance with privately and publicly funded firms. With special expertise and passion for commercial financing technology, Andy offers a hands-on approach to all his teams and business endeavors.

Andy is also the founder of LendingStandard, an end-to-end multifamily underwriting platform used by the largest lenders to automate billions of financings annually.

Mark Costa, Chief Revenue Officer

Mark’s experience in real estate goes back decades and spans the entire U.S. A California real estate broker for 15 years, Mark founded and ran several companies, including sales and property management firms for independent investors across California. In addition to his work in real estate, Mark has more than 20 years of executive management and startup experience in global enterprise software.

At, Mark overseas all marketing and sales activities, focusing on building relationships and offering support to prospective and current investors. Mark uses his unique blend of sales, real estate and software experience to lead his organizations to drive value for his customers, from application to funding.

Peter Breen, Director of Production

Peter has over 25 years experience in the financing of development, construction, acquisitions, bridge loans, permanent debt, and recapitalizations of commercial real estate. In his career, Peter has originated and executed on over $5 billion in the USA, Europe, and Asia. Peter’s prior experience includes senior positions with private debt funds, banks, and life companies such as Money360, CV Capital Funding, UC Funds, Eureko Insurance Group, and Royal Bank of Scotland Group. Peter holds a Masters in Finance and is a Qualified Accountant, Chartered Tax and Financial Advisor. Development Team

We bring together a team of dedicated software engineers with backgrounds in commercial real estate financing to offer our clients with a leading-edge platform to meet their multifamily finance needs. We are constantly watching industry trends and infuse our expert knowledge into the software so you get the best offers and are matched with a program that will meet your goals.