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Kansas City, Kansas – One startup is disrupting the conventional financial brokerage industry, and it’s paying off in spades. is the nation’s leading online multifamily lending marketplace that matches borrowers—based on their property profile—with the best-suited lending options across a vetted network of lenders. Its proprietary, automated underwriting engine screens, sizes and closes deals quickly with little human interaction.

From first-time buyers to seasoned investors seeking purchase, refinance and construction deals, provides loan options for every experience level and property need. simplifies the cumbersome loan application process and empowers current and prospective multifamily property owners.

In the seven months since its launch in May 2020, the company generated a funding pipeline of more than $860 million.

“Providing quality loans and fast documentation with personal service is rare for properties under $5 million and investors are looking for better solutions. While our focus has been on small balance loans, it has been surprising to see the variety of projects from $40 million new construction to $100 million bridge loans,” said CEO Andy Kallenbach. “I believe it is a testament to our focus in connecting multifamily with the right lender and not blasting a deal out to see what sticks. Multifamily continues to be a strong asset in good and bad times and we appreciate the ability to support the need for affordable communities with safe places to live.”

Funded by Flyover Capital and leveraging the power of LendingStandard—a secure, online origination and underwriting system for multifamily lenders— completes the lending cycle, streamlining deals from start to close. Applicants are able to input data points on their property or portfolio and receive custom offers from lending partners.

Applicants looking to refinance can take advantage of the platform’s cash-out calculator to determine the value of their property, and those purchasing are able to review customized loan options available by HUD, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and other conventional loan programs.

“Our goal is to cut through the inefficiency and frustration that multifamily borrowers have experienced for far too long,” said Vice President of Product Management Craig Hughey. “ brings a fresh technical approach to solving the challenges faced by both borrowers and lenders by gathering the data and documents needed to quickly identify the loan that meets their needs.”

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