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January 29, 2020
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Kansas City, Kansas – LendingStandard, the automated loan origination software (LOS) platform for the origination, underwriting and processing of complex multifamily financings, today announced the launch of, bringing mortgage options instantly to both borrowers and investors. allows a borrower to submit loan requests with immediate analysis of loan terms and loan options available. Any options are matched with respected industry lenders to ensure borrowers get loans on the terms that make the most business sense.

LendingStandard has emerged as the leading technology platform in the multifamily space with industry leaders. The LendingStandard team leverages their underwriting technology to allow borrowers to find the best loan option from the best lenders in the industry. This provides multifamily investors with access and transparency to the best financing options available in the market.

“Multifamily finance is incredibly inefficient. We’ve been providing lenders with modern solutions for underwriting, but borrowers and investors don’t have the same tools or transparency to find a loan,” said Andy Kallenbach, CEO and founder of LendingStandard. “It’s important to meet the critical need for affordable and market-rate housing by quickly connecting borrowers with accurate financing options with the best lenders.”

The launch is only the beginning for, which will introduce more borrower tools and additional transparency in the months to come, creating clarity, simplifying the process of underwriting for borrowers, and bringing large national lenders with the best products to underserved markets.

About LendingStandard

Andy Kallenbach CEO & Founder LendingStandard

Andy Kallenbach CEO & Founder LendingStandard

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